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Especially for you we have organized the summer camp for underwater hunters, divers, freedivers, fishermen, kayakers, photographers, fans of wild rest. The camp is located in 30 km from Teriberka, on the severe northern coast of the Barents Sea, in absolutely wild place where tourists appear very seldom.

To reach the vacation spot is possible only by sea. On the way we will see a severe northern landscape, the immense number of hills, the boundless tundra, rocks giants, a set of passes, lakes and small rivers.

In the camp there will be everything for comfortable accommodation, tasty food, various seafood, tables, chairs, a hiking bath, a big basic tent, the gas equipment, fresh sea fish, electricity for equipment charging.

 Териберка Палаточный лагерь на Баренцевом море

Everyone will find something interesting for himself  - will get acquainted with interesting people, will open absolutely new world to himself.

Time of rest isn't regulated, each participant can independently plan the daily routine.

If you can take equipment for diving, you will be able to take photos with huge Kamchatka crabs, to gather sea urchin, scallops, to hunt for sea fish. Fans of big depths and transparent water will be delighted.

Fishermen will be able to catch a cod, a flounder, a catfish, a sea ruff, a sea burbot, a grouper, a pollack.

In the camp there will be motor boats, we won't stay at one place, it will be possible to explore islands, new interesting places.

Fans for hiking have a unique chance to make the route on the coast of the Barents Sea, to experience absolutely wild places, to take unique pictures from absolutely new and unfamiliar foreshortening.

During rest there is a high probability to see whales, dolphins, sea hares, rare animals and birds, submarines, warships.

The North is amazing! Only here you are loaded with improbable force, the power, the northern beauty here. If you fall in love with the North you will never stop loving!

If you have the minimum opportunity to visit these magic places, don't miss this chance. Throw everything and move towards to the novel world.

There is a remarkable quote: "The world is a book, and the one who doesn't travel, reads only one page". Remember more often this right thought.

It is necessary to choose such rest which would differ from our everyday life, such which would throw down us a challenge. It is always necessary to aspire to something new, another, something that we haven’t got yet, punch walls of the commonness and test something more. That is why it is necessary to travel.

Our camp is situated in the place of incredible beauty with the azure beach and the wild island where you can put a tent and watch the floating whales or even killer whales. In our bay there will live a sea hare and maybe it will come to us on a visit. New adventures are waiting for us!

Register in a group as soon as you can, don't miss such chance!

Териберка Палаточный лагерь на Баренцевом море

Териберка Палаточный лагерь на Баренцевом море

 Териберка Палаточный лагерь на Баренцевом море

Териберка Палаточный лагерь на Баренцевом море

Териберка Палаточный лагерь на Баренцевом море Териберка Палаточный лагерь на Баренцевом море

Териберка Палаточный лагерь на Баренцевом море Териберка Палаточный лагерь на Баренцевом море


Населенный пункт

Trip cost: 30 000 rub.

The price of a trip includes:
- Transfer on the sea boat to the camp and back
- Execution of admissions in a border area
-Obtaining permission to an exit in the sea
- Waterproof bags for your things
- 3-time meals

- Tent kitchen
- Personal tent
- Services of the instructor
- Gas equipment
- Ware for cooking
- Tables
- Hiking bath
- Drinking water
- Bitch lamp
- Gasoline for boats
- The generator for equipment charging
- Protection against insects and animals
axes, saws
- Group first-aid kit
- Kayak
The service boat for underwater hunters and sea walks

The price of a trip doesn’t include:
- Personal expenses
- Personal equipment
- Road to Teriberka
- Sleeping bag
- The boat for sea fishing
- Equipment for spearfishing (it is possible to lease)
- Equipment for diving
- Tackles for sea fishing

The number of places is limited, participation is guaranteed only at making an advanced
payment. For confirmation of your participation it is necessary to make an advanced
payment and to write to the organizer.

Refusal of participation:
At the refusal of participation the advance payment doesn't come back
At cancellation of an action the sum comes back completely


From the 1st July to the 12th July, 2018.

- We will have a rest in the Polar region, this is the territory of strong storms. Therefore an exit in the sea depends directly on weather conditions

Organizational details:
- Accommodation is exclusive in tents
- The food is cooked by all participants of the camp
- The trip will take place in any weather.
- All participants of group are engaged in the equipment of the camp
- Time of a breakfast, lunch and dinner is discussed by all participants
- If you have no equipment for a freediving, but have a huge desire to dive, you can rent everything and we can provide training for you.

It is possible to be in the camp any number of days during the specified period.



List of things

Obligatory equipment:
- Sleeping bag (t of comfort 0 + 6 degrees)
- A tourist tent (if you want to live in your own, it is necessary to tell about it)
- Tourist rug
- Tourist pillow
- Personal ware (mug, spoon, bowl, knife)
- Capacity for water (a plastic bottle / hydraulic system / flask)
- Towel
- Mosquito net

- T-shirts or shirt with a long sleeve
- Tourist raincoat with a hood
- Bathing suits/swimming trunks
- Underwear
- Socks (synthetics)
- Warm fleece jacket / warm sweater
- Thin layered clothing (summer)
- Thick layered clothing (winter)
- Shorts
- Trousers (from quick-drying material, easily erased)
- Warm trousers for the evening
- Windproof jacket and waterproof jacket
- Headwear from the sun (a cap, a panama)
- Working gloves
- Warm windproof hat

- Powerbank (charging device accumulator)
- Folding chair
- Thermos
- Threads and needle

Cosmetics bag:
- Wet towel wipes
- Toilet paper in waterproof packing
- Toothbrush and paste
- Shampoo/shower gel
- Soap
- Small mirror
- Hairbrush
- Hygienic lipstick

Personal first-aid kit:
- Individual medications
- Nose drops
- Coldreks/teraflew (febrifugal drugs)
- Plaster

- Tracking boots
- Gym shoes/sneakers
- Sandals
- Boots

- Passport
- Health insurance
- Waterproof bag for documents
- Money for additional expenses
- Cash cards


Past Events

  • Стоимость: 
    30 000 руб.
    from the 30st June to the 13th July, 2019.
  • Стоимость: 
    30 000 руб.
    from the 30st June to the 13th July, 2019.
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